09 May 2011

For the birds

Inspiration struck this past weekend and I turned this chippy cupboard door I've had for a while into a sign I hope to hang on my back patio. I printed the letters out and did the old-fashioned lead pencil across the backs then traced it so it left a faint impression of the letters on the board. I kind of just freehanded it after that. I made up the name Sweet Song Birdseed Co., in part because I'm really enjoying feeding all the little birds in my backyard and hearing them chirp back and forth to one another in the woods back there. Does that mean I'm getting old?

Macauley and Ryan got me this new feeder for Mother's Day, along with some seed. After our lunch at Lola's in Nixa, we ran back by the hardware store (still couldn't talk Ryan into that chicken coop) and I got the little feeder to stick on my kitchen window (above the windowboxes I planted out Saturday) and a couple of bags of the seed they sell in big bins with self-serve scoops.

I moved the other feeder down below with the birdbath, squirrel feeder and the seed bell, which was half-eaten after only one afternoon out.

Ryan gave me this bluebird house as part of my anniversary gift, along with a sledgehammer. That sounds funny, but I had been asking him to put up another birdhouse (found with my mom at the giant garage sale this past winter) on a post for a while and that was the tool needed for the job. Kind of a honey-do gift, I suppose.

So the birds around here have mulitiple dining and lodging options, but I'm the lucky one because my father-in-law made me this amazing potting bench out of salvaged pallets and a couple of pieces of architectural salvage. Love it! I haven't accessorized/utilized it just yet.

I had the trim piece with the hooks, something I made as a coat rack for our old house, and the drawer was a flea market find I was using in my office. What I really love, though, is the scrap of a sign across the top. It came off the grocery store in Bolivar that Ryan's grandpa owned for years.

The new bird feeder is just outside this screened window where my old indoor kitty Alice Cooper is perched. I'd like to think she's too old now to catch a bird, but given the chance I'm afraid her instincts would kick in...best to keep her contained. Now that the feeders are up and I've done a little planting, I feel compelled to hop into my blue polka-dot rubber boots and putter around back there all the time watering and filling and thinking of the possibilities.


Debra@Common Ground said...

LOVE the sign you made, Hayley. You did a great job! Potting bench and bird feeders, instead of getting old, just think of it as being "happy at home". I've always loved to watch the birds. I imagine with the woods, you have tons of variety. Love seeing it all. Lets talk about the blogger get together soon, that would be so much fun!!
xoxo Debra

April said...

Love it! I've been more "puttery" lately myself, just working on the yard, deck, grass, plants, etc. I've never, ever, had a green thumb, but I'm working on it. Plus I've wanted a bird feeder for a while but haven't had a place to put one. Now I'm thinking I can put a hook on my deck and hang it there! What about squirrels? Hmmm...

Julie said...

I love the sign! I'm the same way with the birds. I love to watch them. I have a couple feeders I can see from the kitchen and the living room. Erik thinks I'm crazy because I get so excited when I see new birds and I have to look them up. He came home the other day and I said "we now have rose breasted gross beaks." The boys love watching them too. I love humming birds also. I have a couple of those feeders on my front porch. Sigh...I do think this may possibly mean we are getting older or maybe that our pleasures are a bit simpler then they once were. Nothing wrong with that! :)

Christy said...

Hayley I love the sign, you are so talented! Your outdoor areas are looking wonderful! With the woods behind your house it looks like a woodland paradise!

Gold Shoe Girl said...

I love your sign. What a great little bird and creative thinking!


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