02 August 2012

For the love of laundry

We branched out from our own little laundry facility (where these hang) this afternoon and took my giant comforter to the laundromat, much to Macauley's delight.  For as long as I can remember he has been fascinated by the laundry process.  Since he was little he has liked browsing through the appliance sections at big stores.  He kind of thinks he's the boss of our washer and dryer which is alternately endearing and annoying.  He took over at the laundromat, which was fine.  I sat and read on my Nook while he dashed back and forth with updates on how many minutes the dryer had left and so on.

Tomorrow is our last real summer day at home together.  Sad.  He'll leave for vacay with my parents on Saturday and when he comes back it will be time for school and I will be back at work.  I'll have a quiet few days to myself next week, but I will miss him and our slow and easy summer routine.  Laundry and all.

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