30 August 2012

Still rockin'

Today I turned 36.  Last night, to remember we are still young and cool, we went with our good friends the Turners to the Poison/Def Leppard concert at Black Oak Amphitheatre in the backwoods town of Lampe, Missouri.  Wish we had gotten seats close enough the see the (also aged) faces of both bands, but it was a great show and I'm glad we lived a little and went out late on a school night.  I was spoiled rotten by my friends today, and I will have to share pics of all the loot I received.  I am now exactly twice the age of most of my students.  Also twice as smart.  Twice as comfortable in my own skin.  Maybe more.  This boy loves me either way, and I plan to grow even older with him.  My life with him (and our funny son) rocks.

1 comment:

Christy said...

happy Birhtday Haley! keep on Rocking!


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