29 December 2008

The dining room where no one dined

I do like the traditional red and green Christmas, too, so I did a more homespun look in the dining room, which I confess, I really wanted not for serving fabulous meals to friends and family but to decorate for the seasons with all my cute dishes and such.

I did a simple tree in here with little white ceramic salt cellers tied with red gingham ribbon and some red leaf covered ornaments and a red bird. I found the vintage tree topper not too long ago for a dollar.

I found a bunch of little trees at a flea market a month or two ago, and I just stuck those everywhere. I used the jute upholstery tape from JoAnn Fabrics everywhere, too. I love that stuff for some reason.

I found this old chalkware Santa in Billings a couple of summers ago and finally got it out. I also went on a doily buying kick when I went shopping with my friend Sarah a few weeks ago, so I spread those in here and there, too.

I don't really have any Christmas dishes, so I got out some plain teal and white Martha Stewart plates I have and made them work with some little ornaments I found at Target and my collection of old Christmas postcards. I found a set of 4 of the little Johnson Brothers plates (or coasters?) at STD and I'm happy I picked them up.

I put these vintage-looking glitter snowmen in the cabinet in the dining room. I found the red and white checked metal trays at Leola's a few weeks ago, too.

I've accumulated several little paper mache houses and churches over the last few years, and I thought the little vintage plastic Santa and sleigh looked like it was pulling through town.

I wrapped several gifts in gold and brown and put them under the tree in this room, most for Lane or my mom. So there are still no curtains or blinds (ordered the blinds today!) and no one actually ate in here, but it was ready if someone wanted to.

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