29 December 2008

White (& Black & Silver) Christmas

Now that I am about ready to pack up all the holiday decor, I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures of the somewhat minimal decorating I did this year. A lot of our things were still in the attic at the old house (the contents of which Ryan and I moved over in a Uhaul weekend before last in the coldest weather we've had this year, I think--ick) so I got out what I could find and did the living room in black, white and silver. I hate that you can see an unpacked box through the sliding doors for two reasons--one is that I wish I didn't still have boxes to deal with and two, I really want curtains for this big expanse of glass (all in due time...). The tree has simple pearl ornaments tied with gingham ribbon, some round etched mirror ornaments and some mirror stars. I love the topper that I got on clearance last year or so, but it is always leaning to the side and about to fall off. I made the toile skirt.

I decorated the spindles with white lights, stars, silver and glitter ornaments, a glittery Merry Christmas and the pair of black velvet deer.

I love to wrap presents and I like to attach cute ornaments.

I just stuck little accents in with the normal stuff. I love this Wendy Addison glass glitter tree.

Also, finally got a bunch of my chippy mirrors up on the living room wall...some of my favorite pieces I have.

A couple of cloches and some trees and rhinestone snowflakes on a doily I recently purchased decorated the coffee table.

I spread a few black and white Christmas postcards and more glittery snowflakes in with my favorite dominoes and cameras and tarnished silver on the side table.

The room feels really full with all this stuff in it, but it's been pretty. This is where Santa left Macauley's gifts and we had a good first Christmas morning in our new house here.

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Audi Sue said...

You are soo crafty!! Wish I could do that!


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