29 December 2008

Santa was here!

As evidenced by the abundance of gifts by the tree and the tell-tale nibbles from the little chocolate donut we left for him, the jolly guy made a generous stop on Woodfield. We're not sure if it was him or Allie the cat who enjoyed half the glass of milk...

Macauley got a red Razor scooter and helmet, a pet taxi with vet kit inside, a sleepy guinea pig, an Eye Clops magnifier toy, a robot grabber hand, a stocking full of candy and Sea Monkeys, and several books about the universe and outer space, something he's been asking about a lot lately. He did a unit on the subject at school, but I think it was just enough to get him really curious and not enough to answer all his questions. The books were a big hit with him.

Our humble Booker didn't ask for a thing, but he watched as we all opened presents and munched on some Honeybaked Ham for breakfast. Ryan got me a Kitchenaid stand mixer, some Yankee candles and the new Trivial Pursuit. I got him an Xbox 360, which came as no surprise to him since the night after we got it at Best Buy, Macauley kept telling Ryan, "Dad, we did NOT get you an Xbox 360." Then he'd look at me and wink and giggle like we were in on some big secret.

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