04 January 2009

Tiny bubbles...

Macauley was tapped for a very important job this weekend, one that warranted the rental of the tiniest tuxedo and the molding of a faux-hawk...He was the one and only Bubble Basket Monitor/Bubble Distributor at the wedding of Danny Boling and Chanda Green at the Tower Club here in Springfield Saturday night.

Chanda is the daughter of the man Ryan worked for (and bought Aztec from one year ago this weekend--I am so proud of him for having a phenomenal first year owning his own business!) for almost 10 years, and Danny works for Ryan now. Macauley was very proud and was totally feeling his oats in that tux. He came into our room about 10 Saturday morning (the wedding wasn't until 5 pm) and said, "Time to get my tuxedo on for the wedding!"

The ceremony and reception were in the same place, and Macauley was very well-behaved and curious about the "show" and what it all meant. But mostly, that boy wanted to dance!

Ryan and I talked later about how glad we are that our son is one of those people who is "up for it," someone who joins in, someone who isn't afraid to be part of the party, someone who doesn't hide behind his mom's leg or act like things that are fun aren't cool enough for him. He danced confidently and uninhibitedly, some with David's 16-year-old daughter (David also works for Ryan) but mostly with his dear old mom. He did such a good job on the stomp/cha-cha-cha/slide (can't remember what that one is called exactly, but it's fun!) line dance, too.

He also enjoyed "the view" (as he kept pointing it out as to everyone) from the 21st floor of Hammons Tower. I see this image and think a lot of things...that I want him to have the world at his feet like this always, that the world is a huge place and my baby boy and I are only tiny bubbles in it (so many things could happen to him...), that I want him to have a beautiful wedding like this someday, that I will not be the same when I'm not along to experience everything like this with him, when he moves on from me...

And bit by bit, he's already doing that...thinking for himself and stomping his foot and demanding, "No more pictures!" to his mother, who just couldn't get enough of her handsome son all dressed up.

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