08 January 2009

Finds here and there

My pathetic little flea market booth has been bare for a while now, so I took a few things to stock it and then went back to find that almost everything had sold...so I did a little shopping. I got the black chippy mirror and the little black padded footstool at STD. The urn and shutter I've had for a long time, but the big bird was a Christmas gift from my dear friend Molly. She was in from Las Vegas for the holidays and I got to spend a Sunday catching up with her at Mexican Villa and showing her our new house. Cute, huh? He's from a little shop in her hometown of Salem, Mo.

I got the sign, a metal trashcan and the baking soda tin at STD East last week. The gold tin and little dog are from one of the flea markets near the Landing in Branson. We breezed through quickly on New Year's Day (after spending a fun night out with friends on the Landing the night before), and I would have loved to have shopped the several other fleas nearby but we were all pretty worn out. The little gingham chandelier shades are an ebay purchase; I plan to move the 12-arm wrought-iron chandelier from the dining room into my office and use the shades. I want an old or old-looking gold chandelier with tons of crystals for the dining room. I found the perfect one at Charley's Place and went back to get it last week only to find it sold! Boo hoo. That is the second find I have seen and lost there--I should go with my instincts.

The rusty birdcage and stand are also from STD East. I got it for a great price, I thought. When I hauled it up to the register, Macauley got excited and asked if we are getting a bird. No. I thought I would put it on my screened porch, but I kind of like where it landed in the entry way. I've been doing quite a bit of jeans and clothes shopping here lately, but these few finds renewed my thirst for treasure hunting...Barb, are you out there? Are you up for an excursion?

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Andi said...

I just wanted to share with you that Jessie and I went to flea markets for the first time on Tuesday, and let me tell you I loved it. I had been skeptical about going because I didn't think it was my thing. Now I am asking myself, how much money could I have saved buying stuff from flea markets? Anyways, thought you would be proud of me. hehe!


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