28 January 2009

Mac's first snow day!

Our snow dance finally worked! Macauley and I were off school yesterday (and today and tomorrow!) so we celebrated Macauley's first ever snow day with a little sledding. Took me about 20 minutes to get my little bubby all bundled up to head outside with the sled we bought at Target last week in hopes of some winter weather. Glad we did.

Yesterday we had mostly crunchy ice on the ground, which it turns out is excellent for sledding, at least with our little plastic number. We could start from the top of our neighbors' driveway and fly at a pretty good clip down the street past our house all the way to the gates at the entrance of our neighborhood.

We were joined, of course, by little Megan from next door and her parents. Then all Macauley could do today was ask over and over when we could sled again, so Ryan came home early from work (miracle!) and we went for round two.

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