28 January 2009

Mac's second snow day!

It snowed most of the day and evening yesterday, so we woke to a coating of white today, the first real snow at our new house. Macauley and I slept in again, and even though Booker doesn't look thrilled to have his brother on his back, I know our sweet old dog was glad to have us home for the day again.

After changing into another set of PJs about noon, Macauley helped me use the new Kitchenaid stand mixer Ryan got me for Christmas. Isn't she lovely in her Martha Stewart pistachio green? This was her inaugural use and I loved it! We made Ryan some chocolate chip cookies hoping the aroma would make it to Aztec and lead him home.

It did. We headed out for another round of sledding, but the powdery snow didn't make for as speedy sliding as the ice did. After a few runs with Mac, Ryan and I and the other adults mostly just stood around and watched the kids (Megan and her 2 cousins were out again today) do some small runs. They had a ton of fun no matter how slow they went.

For some reason, I thought Macauley just looked adorable as a little bundled up pod in his sled. He kept rolling all over the ground and just living it up out there.

Booker loved the snow, too. I mean really loved it. Ryan took some cute video of Booker jumping all around chasing snowballs, poking his nose down into the snow and running huge laps all around the yard and neighborhood. But when he'd come over to me and stop for a minute, I kept noticing drops of blood and we finally traced it to his back paw. It seemed to be coming from his nail and he was still running around as happy as could be, so I don't know what the deal was. But when we went inside, it was still dripping blood and I didn't want him to get it on the furniture (he's a major couch potato) so I put one of Macauley's socks on his foot and he didn't resist.

He flopped down on the couch and promptly dozed off, worn out from yet another fun romp in the snow. We headed to dinner at Mr. Yen's and it was nice to get out of the house for a bit. I think his paw is fine, but I let Booker wear the sock as long as he would. Pretty cute, I think. He's such a good boy.

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MickeyMFan said...

Awww...poor Booker. The sock look is adorable by the way. Soze LOVES the snow too! She will chase a snowball until her head is buried in the snow. I've never seen a dog prance like she does when she's running in the snow. Unfortunately, we've only had about 6 inches total so far this winter. Average for KC? 21 inches. YIKES!!!


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