13 January 2009

Vintage loves

The decorating is going rather slowly at the new house...not sure exactly why but I am having trouble with an overall vision. But that's okay...it will come. And it's good for me to have the creative outlet of thinking about it all and tinkering with my stuff rather than having everything settled. That's when I get restless. Regardless, my vintage loves remain the same: chippy architectural fragments, tarnished silver, spooners, clock faces...

I got the bigger old jar in Billings last summer and the smaller, Purity Oats jar at the Open House of The Seedbox this past holiday season. I can't wait for Brian and Melonie to do another one of these at their home out in the country this spring.

I have always loved the old clocks I see around and finally bought one of my own at Leola's in Ozark (http://www.leolasantiques.com/), along with some handmade linen shams, some red & white napkins I will use in my Valentine decor and a little H tile.

And I love all my vintage typewriters. I recreated this tablescape from my old house because I love this little one so much...and the 1931 typing textbook, too. Added a clock and a little dog,

Still love old cameras, keys and dominoes. I need to find a better way to showcase the itty bitty adorable dominoes I found at The Rose in Rogers at Thanksgiving. They're in the litte silver handled basket for now and are about 1/2 the size of a normal domino. Just precious. The stuff on this table has just kind of landed there, like a lot of stuff I have around right now.

And like most gals, I'm drawn to the sparklies and I love my vintage glass glitter H hanging on a lamp in my office. My parents got me that lamp when Ryan and I had our first apartment about 12 years ago, I think. I've since added the pom-pom trim but it's always found a place in my many residences.

Leave it to me to turn a late-night cough medicine run into an excuse to shop: Macauley and I picked up the ivy this past rainy Friday night at the grocery store when we dashed after some Nyquil for Ryan who had been coughing and up all night for over a week. I had been wanting something to put in this old black sewing basket for a while and there it was with no price. The night shift checker guesstimated one.

So the big picture on the house is still fuzzy, but I'd say what I love is pretty clear.


Ruthann said...

Hi I just discovered your blog and am delighted! We are neighbors of sorts...I live in Branson. I love your style....love the silverware in the jars! I also shop at Leola's! I'm a transplant from California (two years) and I'm always looking for great places with vintage finds. I would love it if you would share any shopping tips! Come see me at my blog. Nice to meet ya!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Your decorating in your house looks lovely! Leola's is one of my most favorite places to shop ~ I am glad you found some treasures there! Beautiful Blog! Blessings, Katie


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