08 January 2009

Creative space in progress...


Does moving and upacking boxes count as exercise? I have yet to start working out like I thought I would after the New Year, but I did get around to shuffling a bunch of boxes down to my office/"studio" tonight and emptying their contents all over the place. The area is a formal "study" just to the left of the entryway, with french doors opening to a decent sized room with a wall of built in bookcases. It was a dark, glazed red with dark woodwork, which was nice, but when I decided to make it my space rather than a formal living area or an office for Ryan, I enlisted Alicia Kelley's brother Aaron to lighten it up--majorly. It took him several days and a few weeks later the paint smell is still in the air. But I am happy with the transformation. It is an unorganized mess right now, but I felt like I needed to spread everything out and see what I'm dealing with before stashing stuff here and there. Sadly, there is still a (large) unopened box of my scrapbook stuff that hasn't even been added to the mix yet. And a big box and basket of magazines! So I will be busy for a while, but once I get everything settled, I am looking forward to scrapping more regularly and making some things for my booth. I filled two boxes with odds and ends to sell in the beginning stages of my cleaning/arranging tonight, so that's good. I hope to have the blinds put in within the next week or so, and I plan to order some black and white drapes from Country Curtains as soon as I can as well. I will probably put some kind of panels on the french doors, too, to hide my creative clutter that some might not view as "decorative" or "inspirational" like I do! It may be a while, but I will post the end results whenever I get to the "end" of this settling in process. For now, I need to walk away from the disaster, get Macauley out of the shower (he's been in there washing his clothes with his shampoo for a good half hour now while I've been distracted by all this) and tuck him into bed. TGIF tomorrow!
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