20 January 2009

Pre-birth flashback?

Macauley is always thinking. That's why I like this picture from a couple of summers ago, him with my glasses on, posed somewhat reminiscent of Rodin's sculpture "The Thinker." And usually, he shares those thoughts with me. Last night's conversation at bedtime was one to remember. We had read a book called The Little Penguin, about a daddy penguin carrying around his egg and the baby son penguin hatching out.

Macauley: Hey Mom, isn't it crazy that daddy seahorses have babies instead of mommy ones?
Me: Yeah, that is crazy.
Macauley: (aburpt shift in topic, but I still followed his thinking) Are there boy bunnies?
Me: Well, yeah. There's a boy and a girl of all kinds of animals.
Macauley: Boys are lucky, I guess, that they don't have to have babies. They don't have to have their tummies cut open to let babies out. Did that hurt when I came out? (He knows about my c-section and has studied the scar many times before.)
Me: Yeah, it hurt really bad, afterwards. But I wanted you so it didn't matter.
Macauley: You wanted me out?
Me: Of course I did. I wanted to meet you.
Macauley: Well, thanks for letting me out because it was really hot in there.

Where he came up with that, I do not know...perhaps he remembers...maybe he remembers this day on the kitchen counter with his dad just home from work, excited to see our new boy, and me attempting to make dinner, Macauley dressed in an outfit I bought for him when I first found out he was in there (hot as can be, as it was)...

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Andi said...

I love this post. Super cute pics too. I can't wait to have my own!


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