19 January 2009

Mom-Mac McMLK Day Out

Yippee! No school today! Macauley and I slept in, then stayed in my bed and watched Sesame Street and a few other shows on PBS (Macauley explained, "Mom, these shows are really for preschoolers. But I still like them." Me too--I grew up on Sesame Street myself) until about 11. Love those lazy mornings at home. Then we got around and went to Ozark. First stop: McDonald's for Happy Meals and to amass a few more of the Hotel for Dogs toys to add to little Friday he got with my parents. He spent the weekend with them and they took him to see the movie. We ended up getting 4 Happy Meals, 2 with hamburgers and Apple Dippers for me and 2 with nuggets and fries and chocolate milk for him. And even though we were hoping for an indoor playground but didn't find one, Macauley was thrilled with the itty bitty dogs. Thrilled enough for me to convince him to stop by Riverview Antique Mall for a little shopping.

This chippy cabinet is on sale and I thought it might look cute in my kitchen. But we left it for more thinking...not a good antique shopping practice in my opinion, but we'll see.

Also left the rocking horse behind with no extra thinking at all...

We did leave with a cute chippy footstool (only $6), a set of white plates (only $1.50 for 7), a butter pat and 2 other mini platters and a Valentine vase. The metal thermometer is from Gatehouse Antiques, which we also quickly perused in search of ideas for a powder room vanity, dining room sideboard and a dresser for my room. Found all 3! But not at such bargain prices, so we'll see on those as well.

A fun day out with my little boy. Even a bonus stop at Wal-Mart on the way home for potato soup ingredients and a little plastic carrier for the new dogs. Better get that soup going...one of my life-long favorites.

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Audi Sue said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful day... and MMMMM potatoe soup... I assume it is your mom's recipe....


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