20 January 2009

What a trooper

Wow. What an afternoon. Because of overcrowding in his adorable little mouth, Macauley had to have 2 teeth pulled today, the ones on either side of his two front bottom "parent" teeth (what he calls his permanent teeth, as opposed to baby teeth). Those two teeth were growing in all sideways and squished together and the dentist recommended several months ago that we plan to make more room for them after the holidays (and line up an orthodontist for the future--yikes). I am continually amazed by how well Macauley adjusts to new situations. He is rarely very afraid of anything and was today exceptionally brave and calm. The cherry-flavored "happy gas" the dental assistant gave him probably contributed to that, but even I was a bit woozy and overwhelmed during several parts of the ordeal. No tears. No panic. No complaining even. I predict an especially profitable visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight and probably a trip to Andy's Frozen Custard after dinner when his numbness wears off. Ryan has also promised him a trip to Chuck E. Cheese this week, too, a promise he made after the appointment and not to bribe him to be brave beforehand. That makes me proud of my little bub.

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Audi Sue said...

Wow he was brave...


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