13 January 2009

Ride 'em cowboy

We had a good time Saturday afternoon at the birthday party of Macauley's friend, Cole, at the Libby Ferguson Equestrian Training Center just north of town. It was an indoor stable and arena, but was still pretty chilly. But Mac geared up and was ready to ride from the start.

Ryan and I were excited to get to know Miss Lauren a little better, as Macauley has been talking about being "in love with Lauren" for a couple of weeks now. He wistfully sighs and says, "Oh, Lauren...she is the love of my LIFE and the LIGHT of my heart." A cutie for sure. They plan to marry.

Between turns on the horses, the kids climbed this huge haystack mountain to stay warm.

I loved the barn cats perched here and there throughout the stable, but mostly resisted petting them since I had a major cat allergic reaction Christmas Eve at Ryan's grandpa's house. I have had cats my entire life and in fact live with 3 presently, but ever since I was pregnant with Macauley, there are certain cats that if I touch the cat then touch anywhere on my face, my eyeballs swell up HUGE and my entire head starts itching from the inside out. It's quite a phenomenon. I had one of these most attractive outbreaks at the holiday celebration with Ryan's family after picking up Earl's kitty Mickey, whom I have held before but not in a while. So I gave this silky smooth barn cat a few scratches then immediately washed my hands.

What a cute idea to have a horseriding, cowboy birthday party! And a new experience for Macauley, one that he thought was just great.

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