04 January 2009

Let it snow!

No, seriously. This teacher is not ready for holiday break to be over. This teacher would like to be at home nesting and decorating and even cleaning instead of at school teaching Dante's Inferno and a semi-colon ACT review. This teacher has, in less than 2 weeks, gotten accustomed to sleeping in past 9 and can't fathom getting up at 6, in the cold dark, tomorrow morning (poor Ryan will have a tough time getting Macauley up, too). Don't think it's in the forecast, but a snow day? A snow week? I am willing to pay the price later. Please?


The Butricks said...

I second that! Bring on the snow!!!

MickeyMFan said...

I'm also with you on that snow day idea! I'm starting Romeo and Juliet, and do you think I could be any more cynical about love now? Ha!!


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