08 January 2009

Future Chief

Macauley and I put on our Kickapoo gear and went to the boys basketball game Tuesday night after going for a little mother-son dinner date to China King, Macauley's choice when I told him he could choose anywhere to eat (his first choice was Nakato, a good one but too big of a deal for a Tuesday night; his second was Peking House, also good but too far from our house and the game...I guess I didn't really mean anywhere!). He was a little shy and overwhelmed by the music and yelling in the gym, so he stuck really close to me, his arm linked in mine most of the game. I started feeling a little hot and claustrophobic as he wallered all over my lap a few times, but decided I should enjoy every little second I get of him actually want to sit next to me and show me love. Isn't he adorable?


Audi Sue said...

He looks soo CUTE!!! I mean handsome.... :)

MickeyMFan said...

He does look adorable in that shirt. Thanks for the updates on your house. I've been wondering what you were going to do with your own room. Of course, I am totally jealous of all the built-ins, but I'll have to make do. I'll try to keep you more updated about my situation. Right now? It's not getting any better. Enjoy your weekend! I will!


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