29 January 2009

A little bath glam

We finally put up these curtains in our master bath and even Ryan said they're growing on him. I really wanted some color in there and something to tie in the wall color and the brown marble top of the cabinet you can't see in between the two sinks.

I found this statue head in a flowerbed two houses ago and have always liked it despite the decapitation aspect. She finally found a home (and a crown!) on this tray over the tub. Ryan's comment: "Weird...but I kind of like it." Me too. And she has her "queen" soaps nearby.

I edited down my finials and candlesticks to just these three, which I've had for quite a while.

The builder of our house put in all sorts of luxuries that I probably wouldn't have splurged on, including heated floors in this room and a towel warmer we have yet to use. I decided to accessorize it with some towels and a favorite flea market picture I've also had for a while. Next step in this room: clean the darn thing. Then I'll show you the rest.


Jennifer said...

Amazing! Beautiful! You MUST open your own shop! I have looked through about a year of blogging on your site and am totally impressed, inspired, and in awe.

Where is your booth?

Hayley said...

Your comment made me smile so much. I love your shop and your overall vibe so I am very flattered. I have a little booth at STD Central that is mostly my liquidation center. Over the summer I was much more industrious in stocking it and even making some things for it, but now that I am tied up with school and getting my new house set up I neglect the little booth. It is #222 on the far left side. It was so nice to meet you today and I hope you check in on my blog often. I will yours.

Audi Sue said...

You have such a neat look on things... I wish I had your decorating skills...


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