31 January 2009

Slushy Saturday Out

Today was the 16th annual Greater Springfield Garage Sale and Marketplace, and was to be the 3rd annual trip there for my mother and me. But since the ice storm that hit Arkansas last week caused a huge mess at the camp, my mom couldn't come up and I had to make the trip solo. I got across town in about 15 minutes then waited in standstill traffic near the turnoff to the fairgrounds for over 40 minutes. People were out in droves for this thing and the parking was haphazard and slushy and I just made a place and went in. In the past, my mom and I have spent a few hours looking at every little thing and walking away with a bevy of little goodies, but this time I did a powershop for about an hour and wanted out of the crowd. Just not as much fun without my mom. I found this bunnybuggy, which I thought would look fab on my porch this spring with some flowers or a fern on board. It seems old, but I don't know if it is. I think I will park it in my dining room for a while. It's pretty good-sized...I could at least fit a cat in there if not a baby.

I got a few Valentines to add to the mix I'm working on for my dining room table. The overall scheme hasn't come together enough to photograph yet, but when I figure out a centerpiece I will.

I have been wanting one of these old fold-out cameras and I found this one at a lower price than I'd seen, though maybe not a garage sale bargain. I really like it and thought it was worth it.

On my way back to the south side of town, I decided to make a quick stop over on the rejuvenated Commercial Street and specifically at Red Books & Chairs (http://www.redbooksandchairs.com/Welcome.html), a fabulous shop whose owner was recently featured in Romantic Homes Magazine. We got acquainted and found that not only do we both heart blogging but I also had Jennifer's daughter Elizabeth in class at Kickapoo a couple of years ago. I loved a vintage carpet upholstery chair but couldn't think of where I would work it in at my house. I did get this cute little metal mama kitty carrying her baby in her mouth. Adorable. They're already settled into their cubby in one of my shadowboxes in my "studio," which I finally got fairly organized and arranged.

I drove all the way back home to get Ryan and Macauley, then we drove all the way back across town to take Macauley to Spencer's birthday party, during which Ryan and I made a break and went back to Commercial to eat at the relocated Pizza House, rollin' yummy pizza since 1958. Delicious. The sun came out today and reduced last week's snow to a sludgy mess. Macauley is just heartbroken his sledding snow is disappearning, but I hope the sun can take care of the rest of it tomorrow.


Audi Sue said...

I still remember my first Shadow box that I got at War Eagle with you, your mom,your great aunt, and grandma....
NWA was very much a disaster area this weekend....

Cathe Holden said...

Awesome post! I know, don't you just love Red Books and Chairs? If I lived there I would shop it every day. Ok, so Jennifer is my sister --I'd still shop there! How nice of you to blog about her store!!!!

Jennifer said...

Haley, You're so sweet! I adore your blog.


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