05 February 2009

Uggg...that kid!

I took Macauley to the KHS basketball game Tuesday night. We sat by Lori and her girls and Macauley showed off for them by telling nonsensical knock-knock jokes and then by tossing up my McDonald's cup and showering ice all over the bleachers dangerously near the stairs. Great.

At the end of the game, we stopped in the doorway of the gym to watch the last few seconds and my principal rounded the corner and said hello. He complimented Macauley on his Kickapoo shirt and I introduced them: "Macauley, say hi to Dave. He's my boss." I have no idea where Macauley came up with what followed...He kind of cut his eyes up at Dave, and gritted his teeth in a I-don't-really-want-to-have-to-break-this-to-you manner, and said, "Yeah. My mom has told me QUITE a bit about you." Not true. Dave smiled and asked, "Oh really? Good or bad?" Again with the teeth gritted, Macauley nodded relunctantly and said, "Mostly bad." I was aghast! I don't badmouth my boss and certainly not to my 6-year-old! Dave laughed really hard and said he'd tell Macauley a bunch of stuff about his mom sometime. When we got home, I asked Macauley when I had ever talked about my boss to him. He said, "Well, you told me once he was your principal." And I said, "But what did I ever say that was bad?" Macauley just kind of shook his head and said, "Nothing...I just kinda messed that part up...he he...he he...he he" (insert corny fake laugh there). Unbelievable.

Ryan said that morning he had put some Carmex on Macauley's chapped lips after he brushed his teeth, but when they pulled up to door at school, Macauley said, "Oh!" and started vigorously wiping off the Carmex. Ryan asked why and Macauley answered matter-of-factly: "Uh, Dad! We're a drug-free school."


Audi Sue said...

ROFL... that is too funny... I am thinking you have a comedian on your hands...

MickeyMFan said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! He may be a drama kid yet... Enjoy the weather--I know I will! It's supposed to be 70 tomorrow. Yippee!!!

Anonymous said...

You know what's really sad? The school nurse told me just last week that the kids are technically not supposed to have their own ChapStick or Carmex to apply at school because it's medicated!!! I don't know if this is something that they enforce at Wanda Gray, but it sounds like Macauley is just following the (supremely idiotic) rules mom!


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