21 February 2009

I never would have thought of that

We came across these foam XOXO letters when I was putting away my Valentines decor and Macauley asked if he could have them. I never would have reimagined them the way he did, and I thought the way he saw them was both unexpected and kind of clever...

He turned them into people and inflicted the one with its eyes Xed over with chicken pox and several needle pokes for all the shots it had to have. I asked where he'd seen Xs for eyes like that and he said he saw it on Spongebob when someone was "passed out." Interesting.


The Norwegian said...

Love the "x" eyes and the explaination! Always interesting to learn where kids pick up things.
There is so much out there that they observe - and unless you ask, they may not even think about it.

The Norwegian said...

Hayley! I realized I misspelled the word explaination..LOL that I'm sending a comment to an English teacher...I'll correct myself - explanation.


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