20 February 2009

Tick, tock...look what I got

Ah, ebay...how do I love thee? There was a box on my front porch this afternoon and I went from having only one lovely old battered clock to a collection of six lovely old battered clocks in a beautiful instant. I bought two lots from one seller and spent about the same on five clocks as I had on the first I purchaed (the fourth from the left).

Love these! And I certainly love that they don't keep time...I've never been a watch person myself and worrying about how much time I have left or don't isn't fun or productive. I just remembered there was another clock that came with all these that is more gold and I set it aside to sell in my booth, so I guess I'll have to go to the flea market tomorrow and spend a little time. And money. Twist my arm.

1 comment:

The Norwegian said...

These old battered clocks bring real decorative power when grouped. For some reason they remind me of vintage typewriter keys. The gentle patina adds great emotion to a clock face.
I like to wonder who once set the alarm on the clock...did it awaken them each morning?


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