25 February 2009

Lucky finds

What a beautiful day today...sunny and temperatures in the mid 60s. Made me think of the little jar I got for 95 cents at STD on Sunday. I haven't decided what to fill it with, but I thought it was cute and it fits right in with some of my other jars. Two of those are filled with dog treats and one has Ryan's Splenda in it.

I also picked up this itty bitty glass nesting hen and put her to roost on my kitchen window.

I stopped by a new thrift store on Campbell which isn't much of anything yet but I will keep checking back. I did find this small bunny planter which looks like Majolica and is stamped Japan on the bottom. I was totally scoping out the thrift store building because it would make a great flea market...I think that would be fun to own one.

At STD I also got this green metal picnic basket in hopes of turning it into some kind of centerpiece on my work-in-progress St. Patrick's Day tablescape. I don't like faux flowers or greenery but I cannot seem to keep anything real alive inside the house. I have an ivy that dwindles by the day. I couldn't resist the little puppy in the green basket either.

The tablecloth is also from STD, but the horseshoes are a recent ebay purchase. I would rather have some from my Papaw's old barn if there were any still left there, but these will do for now as a nod to a "good luck" motif.

Also found the wooden nursery crate at STD...it says Lamar Greenhouse & Florist and I thought maybe it was used to carry plants around in to buy or something. There's the ivy who's hanging in there but isn't nearly as lush as when she came to live with us.

I was so tired of the bare winter porch that I just quickly set a few things out there and hung one of my honeysuckle wreaths. We're still kind of in between seasons, so I didn't want to go too springish prematurely, but it's better than nothing. It definitely feels like spring outside and is supposed to again tomorrow, but we'll be back to colder temps by the weekend so I better remember to bring the ivy back in or she might leave us for good.

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The Norwegian said...

I just love this post! Your "finds" are great. What a good eye you have - and your presentation is wonderful. I will enjoy visiting your blog regularly.


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