26 February 2009

Do you know what this means?

After seeing Macauley sick all last week and being disappointed by a cheapo plastic gumball machine he spent his Valentine money from Grandma on, Ryan impulsively got him this one at Sam's and brought it home last Friday night. I had taken Macauley and Megan to the indoor pool at Chesterfield Family Center, and when we came in after two hours (!) of swimming, the treasure was waiting for them. They were so excited helping Ryan unpack the machine and load about half of the 850 huge gumballs that came with it. Later, as they chomped on their first of many of the massive globes of pure sugar and gazing at the infinite supply still inside the glass opening, little Megan quietly asked, "Macauley, do you know what this means?" Macauley shook his head, still chomping, and Megan answered succinctly and increduously, "We. have gum. for the. rest. of. our. LIVES." Adorable. Later I told Ryan what this really means: "We. will have. dentist bills. for the. REST. of our. lives."


The Norwegian said...

Loved this post. Kids are adorable. I have a sister about to be 50 who is a gum ball nut and STILL buys them. She's still excited to pop one in her mouth! Big Kid.

MickeyMFan said...

I, too, have a gumball machine and I LOVE it! I don't really chew the gum that's inside of it anymore, but I do love the look of it. Right now, it's in the office, but I want to stick it downstairs one of these days when the basement gets finished.


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