26 February 2009

Why is it so hard to...

...let go of these old, comfy things? Our new couch, loveseat and chair are to be delivered tomorrow, and I should have listed these on craigslist by now, but I just can't for some reason. They photograph fairly decent, but trust me, they've seen better days. The slipcovers at least. But they're so comfy and so familiar and have been with us for just about forever. Underneath the slipcovers, they are navy, the way we bought them for our first apartment probably 11 years ago. Ryan had been literally losing sleep over the senior thesis he had to write and when I offered to "help" him with the paper he said he'd buy me a couch, which we'd both been wanting. Excellent trade-off in my opinion. He went to work one Sunday and I made the 40-some page paper come together and he delivered on the deal. I had the white slipcovers made right after Macauley was born, or was it before? They have been with us through five moves, many gatherings, a pregnancy, parenthood, four cats, a dog and countless cozy nights and weekends parked in front of the TV or just being lazy. Maybe it will just take seeing the new ones tomorrow for me to give these the final shove, but I don't know. I've been picturing them in other places in the house, split up, recovered, untouched, but I'm pretty sure they just need to go. I may have to pry Booker off. He loves these old things, too.

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The Norwegian said...

LOL about the slip covers. There is your black and cream thing again and love the wood stain, brown element in there that neutralizes it all. I like that gothic detail in the piece of furniture in your photo.


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