21 February 2009


I made some big purchaes for the house this evening, including a new couch and loveseat from JCPenney Home Store's Linden Street Collection. They had a promotion this week for a free chair if you bought the sofa, so I got all three pieces and they will arrive this Friday! I have enjoyed our white slipcovered couches for several years now, but the slipcovers are worn and tattered and the whole set has seen better days. We have a lot of memories attached to that furniture, so it will be hard to see them go but I think I will list them on craigslist tomorrow to make room for the new ones.

I also ordered some drapes and valances from Country Curtains that I've been thinking about for a while now. The linen ones above are for my dining room. I was thinking about doing a really cottagey floral in there, but I like the idea of having a neutral backdrop and changing out the table settings with the seasons. I love the little pleating along the edges of the valance. The black and white check are for my office. I actually orded a slightly different scalloped valance rather than the Austrian one in the picture. I feel like curtains up will make the house feel so much more settled in. I'm still trying to decide what I want in the kitchen but I think I talked my mother into sewing some panels for the living room. The pictures are from the website www.countrycurtains.com . If you're looking for curtains, they have nice things and I have bought from them before.


MickeyMFan said...

Hey Hayley, do you have any flea market suggestions for the KC area? I may be in the need for some furniture and I definitely want more knick-knacks (like I need them...). You have totally given me a flea market bug!! I've been to one in Harrisonville--it was so big I was in there for 2 hours and still didn't see everything. Any others that you know about? btw, LOVE those black and white curtains! I may need something like that in the basement.

Hayley said...

There is an awesome one downtown that is three stories...I can't remember the name of it but it's pretty well known. I also loved the Brass Armadillo, which was huge but a bit outside of town if I remember right. If my friend Shannon is on here, maybe she will leave more suggestions. She used to live there and is my all-time number one junking buddy.

The Norwegian said...

The linen curtains for your dining room are a GREAT choice! You wont' regret the simplicity. You will have FUN in the dining room.
The black and white add a nice graphic touch.


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