08 February 2009

Flea jackpot

I went to stash a few little things in my booth at STD and pick up my check this afternoon and I came home with a bevy of treasures big and small. I got several things--the tin, the doily, the pin cushion (which I may rehab and sell), the wire heart basket, and another little red "tip" tray so now I have a set of 6--to fluff out my Valentine's decor in the dining room. I also liked the glass bubble hand mirror and thought I could make something with the white platter.

This little secretary was on sale for $64 and I thought it would be perfect for extra scrapbook storage in my office/studio. I will replace (or maybe paint) the gold knobs and I think I might do some kind of decoupage or something on the fold down front. It's only about 4 1/2 feet tall and just the perfect fit for my room with all sorts of cubbies and nooks to store little stuff.

I went by Charley's Place and found this cute pair of statues for only $32. I can think of lots of places around my house, inside or out, where they might land. The little puppies they've gathered are what sold me.

I also found this small vanity table with drawers that I could envision several uses for. We are planning to replace the vanity in the powder room and I slid this in there to compare to the old one and I think this might work with a white vessel sink on top. The guy helping me load it asked, "Are you going to stain it or paint it?" When I said neither he just kind of nodded his head. I like it just the way it is.

I also picked up an embroidered table scarf that I think I will put on the nightstand in the guest bedroom and a carved acorn-motif smoking tray for my mom. She's not a smoker, but this fits with her lodge decor and she has some pieces similar to it. And it was only $3.

All in all a fabulous haul. Spent most of my booth profits from this check and the last, but that's what it's for.


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