28 February 2009

Sisters on the hunt

Lane and I spent a snowy Saturday out and about and came home with lots of treasures today, the biggest of which is this fabulous wicker porch swing that my friend Colleene gave me a great deal on at her shop! Just what I was wanting at such a savings. She really is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and has the best stuff at Discoveries by Colleene, just off the square in Ozark. I plan to paint the swing black, but not until it gets warmer...it was miserably cold out there today. Also at Colleene's, I got this cute little black birdcage on a tray. I haven't decided where I am going to put it yet, but I love it.

The clock obsession continues and I found this one at a little flea market on Main Street in Nixa for only $3. Macauley has spent the evening making the alarm go off and wants to take it to school next Friday for show and tell.

I liked this rusty green matches holder and I think I will put it out on my screened porch for lighting candles. We are looking forward to using that area of our house when the seasons change.

I found this rusty baking pan and thought for now it might be a good place for all my new little clock faces to live.

The tiny dog with the bow tie will live in my black shadowbox in my office. I just love his sweet little facial expression.

We found a place I'd never been to in Nixa called The Curiosity Shoppe. I bought a few postcards, including this one that I put with my green stuff for my March table. The stuff was arranged nicely in this store and I think I will try to go back sometime. We also went by The Little Red Shed off CC in Nixa, and I think it's just getting started since there wasn't much of anything in there yet. Might be worth checking back sometime, I don't know.

At Riverview, I found a set of six shamrock teacups and a cute little mint green kitchen scale.

The butter pat is also from The Curiosity Shoppe. I found a bunch of old valentines at Riverview, many of them "To Teacher" which I thought was sweet and fit my line of work. I will pack those away and be surprised by them when that time of year comes around again. Lane bought a big piece of rusty ceiling tin, a large black frame, some blue glassware and an almost Moroccan wooden candle holder. We ate at the tearoom at Spring Creek, and it was packed. We had to wait forever but the food was yummy. There is a new shop next door called The Avant Garden, which Lane and I thought was a very clever name. We liked a few things there but didn't leave with anything. We also stopped at Leola's on the way home and I saw a big silver tray I really liked that is exactly what I want for my kitchen island. Next week is their spring open house, so maybe I will go back and get it then. There was an empire chandelier there that I also put on my think-about list. Something else that made both Lane and me think (but not about bringing it home) was this crazy cat in one of the booths at Riverview. The tag says "conversation piece." Hmmm...

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