21 February 2009

Later skaters

We hit the Springfield Skateport this morning for another birthday party, this time for Kora Turner, the little girl of one of our college friends. It's always fun to get together with our friends from Drury and having everyone's kids together adds a whole new dimension to our parties. On Macauley's left in the picture above is Avery Swan and to his right is Catherine Rhoads.

Of these three, Avery seemed to take to the skating the most. Macauley got frustrated when I tried to drag him around the rink, but he did a lot better scooting around on the carpet with the girls. When we headed to the snack bar for cake and ice cream, Macauley slipped and fell mouth first on a gun from one of the video games and knocked his top front tooth loose. It bled, he cried, the manager brought an ice pack. I know he has to lose his teeth, but it's sad for me to see his adorable little mouth changing. So far the front one is hanging on, but probably not for long. The skates were off after that so we had lunch with Catherine and Stephanie at Red Robin and then did a little shopping before picking up Ryan and Adrian downtown at the Chili Cook-off.

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The Norwegian said...

Love seeing the next generation at play!


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