05 February 2009

Better luck next time

Temperatures in the low 60s today and more forecasted tomorrow have me thinking green. I am ready for spring and flowers and a swing on my big front porch that looks so plain right now. I stopped by Ozark Treasures for a second look at a hutch I saw there a few weeks ago to find it still there but on layaway! Why did I hesitate? Not meant to be I guess, but I was a little bummed. I did see a chandelier I think I like (again with the hesitation, not like me) and I picked up this green tablecloth and these green bingo cards, the makings of a March dining room table probably. After school Macauley and I took Booker for a walk on the Greenway trail that even with the warmer weather is still far from green, caked in ice in most places, some slippery but most just slushy. Booker ran and played with a cute squatty dog that wandered up unattended and Macauley and I toyed with the idea of keeping the happy little guy but he ditched us for a Golden Retriever passing by. For the best, I'm sure.

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