14 February 2009

ValenTimes at Wanda Gray

Yesterday was the Valentine's party at Macauley's school so we put together cards for his classmates and I made him this monkey box. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to make it or if he was, but I had the idea and felt crafty and he helped (a little bit). It's a shoebox and all the pieces are made of felt, even the boxers, made from a piece of felt I found at Hobby Lobby. I just freehanded the pieces while looking at a picture of a monkey balloon off the internet. Cutting the card slot was the hardest part. I backed all the pieces with cardboard from a cereal box so they'd stand up better. Watching all the kids walk around slipping their cards into each other's boxes reminded me a lot of my own elementary days. I was in charge of the craft for the party so I brought some little teddy bear bookmark kits I also found at Hobby Lobby and baggies with foam door hangers and heart and frog stickers and letter to spell each kid's name they could stick on. Both seemed to be a hit.

The other moms brought really nice treats (nicer, or maybe just healthier, than I remember from my school parties) including fresh strawberries with powdered sugar and sprinkles to dip them in, fruit kabobs, veggie kabobs, cupcakes, ice cream cups with toppings...Kalin and Macauley, both in their "heartbreaker' tees, enjoyed the goodies.

The whole party was a bit rushed, and I spent much of it assisting/pacifying the class "bad kid" who sits next to Macauley, but it was fun to be in Macauley's world for a while...

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Karee said...

That is the cutest Valentines box! That is pretty good for freehanding it!


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