28 March 2009


Macauley and I stopped by one of my favorite shops, Discoveries by Colleene, off the square in Ozark this past Thursday to pick up a willow rack that my friend Colleene had kindly put aside for me a couple of weeks ago. As usual, she had her place looking fabulous and full of great things at great prices. Very springy too.

I really liked this metal bakers rack and think it might look great out on my deck so I'm keeping it in mind...although it will probably be snatched up.

After some major cramming, Colleene and I got this willow rack into the back of my 4Runner and when I got home, I dragged it through the house and back to the screened porch all by my little self. You know how you just want something where it's going to be when you want it to be there even if you don't have help? I've found that putting at least some of the legs on a towel and dragging whatever hulking thing I want to scoot works pretty well. This one left twig droppings all along the way, but no biggie. She even threw in a matching side table but I couldn't persuade Macauley to ride home with it on his lap. It would have been really uncomfortable, and I had already had to do some major convincing to get him to sit in the front seat so I could put the back seats down to fit everything. He's kind of a Mr. Safety and knows kids aren't supposed to ride up front and he thought I would get pulled over. But after seeing the "Airbag Off" light, he agreed it would be okay just this once.
I filled it with some gardenish items I had, many of which lived in my French Country upstairs at the old house and others that are more recent finds. The big bird Molly gave me is nestled into a wreath I've had forever that I thought looked like a nest when turned on its side.

The spherical lamp came from Colleene's as well. It's really tall and I might like to have a lower, longer table in that spot eventually, but for now I arranged some stuff in that corner that I love but hasn't found a home inside. Maybe because they're meant to live out here.

So much for enjoying the porch, though. It's snowing here right now. Tomorrow, however, is supposed to be brighter and warmer and maybe we really are headed into spring after this final sloshy mess. I need to go back to Colleene's and get my side table!

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