22 March 2009


I must make note of the variation in artistic detail between the stick figures of the feelings worksheet and this marker drawing of Plankton from Spongebob that Macauley also did recently. He's been into drawing a lot lately, and Ryan and I were both a little surprised at how recognizable his Plankton was. I think he explained that Plankton had a hurt leg. Can't remember why the school supplies were included, but there was some kind of backstory.

I know all moms think their kids are brilliant and the cutest ever, which must be some kind of evolutionary compensation to balance out how crazy said kids drive us so we don't do them permanent harm or something. Not too long ago, Macauley and I were in the car, deep into one of our random conversations, this time about words. Macauley had asked how many letters most words have (he often asks me how many letters are in words and names and is thrilled that he has more letters in his name than any of his classmates), and I said (among other things) that words with twelve letters were pretty long and that when I was in sixth grade I learned from Brandi Hayworth that the longest word in the dictionary was "antidisestablishmentarianism" (a word that has something to do with being against building churches, or maybe being against being against building churches). Macauley stared out the window and processed the information then said, "Mom. How'd you get so smart?" I told him that I was probably born that way but that I also read a lot and watch Jeopardy! and have always just remembered a lot of things. I told him that he was probably born that way, too, since his dad is also smart. I said, making note of something his teacher told us that he's really proud of, "You know, since you read on a fourth grade level and all." He nodded, looked out the window again, then turned to me with a shrug of his shoulders and said out the side of his mouth, "And that I'm a wizard." Yeah. That too.

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