10 August 2009

{End of} Summer Fun

Summer is winding down for us (this is my last full week before I need to be back working in my new classroom and school starts on the 25th) but we've been busy fitting in some final little outings. Macauley and I went to White Water with Kora and her mom last Friday, and then we all went on a family float at Hooten Town near Crane yesterday. In addition to Kora and her mom and dad, the Sharpe family also came along, including Spencer, who was in Macauley's kindergarten class last year. It was only a 20 minute drive there and the 2 mile float was the perfect length for the kids. Macauley absolutely loved every bit of it.

We also had Megan over one night last week for Macauley's very first sleepover at our house. It was kind of spur of the moment...when he asked I just said yes without thinking too much about it. Megan's mom told her to be sure not to stay up until midnight or she would be crabby for gymnastics the next day. I did my best to get them settled in at a decent hour, but from my bed, I kept hearing little footsteps jumping around upstairs. The last time I went up to tell them to "Go to sleep!" (as if they would just instantly close their eyes and be out...which, for me at least, is much easier said than done) it was 12:40 am. I didn't notice any crabbiness the next day, but Macauley did fall asleep in front of SpongeBob about 5 that afternoon and had to be woken up to go to the Ozark Empire Fair that night. The fair was another bit of traditional summer fun and was much nicer this year than in years past. A lot cleaner and brighter and even the carnies were friendlier.

This week, Lane and Derek are in town, so we are doing some things with them and going to the lake on Friday. I think the sisters are hitting the Spring Creek tearoom for lunch tomorrow! We'll squeeze in as much as we can before summer gets away from us.


trash talk said...

That last photo says it all! Just precious!

Andi said...

I love Spring Creek.


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