27 August 2009

Summer Sayonara

Just as our summer vacation was coming to a close, some of my teacher friends from school--two fellow English teachers and three Spanish teachers--came over to catch up a little and eat yummy food before we went back to work. I took a few pictures of the kitchen, which I look at longingly now because it was clean and now there are dishes in the sink and laundry on the table and I'm too worn out to deal with any of it. But I will.

I was mostly photographing the curtains I had made for in here. I'm loving the fabric and the look they give the room, but I think the valance over the sink is too long? Maybe I'll tie it up a little with some jute or something for a Roman shade effect?

I also snapped the pretty package I put together for my friend Sarah's birthday. She's really into skeleton keys and steampunk right now. The little get-together was her idea, and it was a good way to bid the carefree days of summer a fun adios.


common ground said...

Hayley, I really love your curtains, you did a great job and they are gorgeous. Hope you're having a good week back at school!

Denise said...

I love your shelf with all your white and silver and photos....sounds like you had a nice time.

common ground said...

Hi, why don't you email me if you'd like the concrete dog. He's not much. And, yes I'll probably get them down there next week. I painted the desk black and it's awesome. I need to take some photos, but I have to find a knob that's similar for the front first. Thanks for coming by.


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