03 August 2009

Leapin' lizards

We were gone to visit my parents in Arkansas all weekend, and I guess our murderous cat Maya used that time to capture this poor lizard and let it go in our house. We only discovered it late last night when Macauley was playing in the pile of covers beside my bed and felt it run across his arm! He came into my office to get me and I totally didn't believe him when he said there was a lizard in my bedroom. But there was. He had gotten behind my huge armoire, but Ryan was able to coax him out and into a cup.

At first we thought we had a two-headed lizard, but a closer look revealed that the poor thing was just missing his tail.

We took it outside and Ryan let it crawl all over him, and that little thing didn't seem to want to go much of anywhere away from him. Ryan tried to let it go in the woods but the lizard just clung to him. He finally put it closer to our side porch where lots of frogs come and go. So what if Macauley hadn't been rolling around on the floor and we had gone to bed as usual last night and our little lizard had wiggled across MY arm in bed??? I'm not afraid of lizards in their own element, but to come across one unexpectedly in my own...eeks.


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Eeeek! is right!! And it does totally look two-headed. My Calvin would LOVE that slimy thing!

Margo said...

Hey, your lizard is a Skink. It probably lost it's tail when the kitty was playing with it. It's a defense mechanism for them. Glad you set him free. I'm OK with lizards too, but not inside and not crawling across my arm. Eeck!!!

common ground said...

We have these same little guys over here at our house. They like to be near water. Last summer one of the cats caught one in the garage and bit it's tail off. It survived and the tail wiggled around on the floor for awhile by it's lonesome. Yuck. As I say to all questionable wildlife. "Go be a lizard outside, not in my house!"
Your guy was pretty cute.


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