30 July 2009

Oh yeah

A big breakthrough on Macauley's camping trip with Ryan's parents: he rode a bike without training wheels! So as soon as he got home tonight, it was off with the training wheels on his own bike, something we've been asking him to try all summer. I knew he'd go for it in his own time, the way he's reached most milestones over the last six years. When he feels like it, not when the rest of the world (including mom and dad) says so.

We are so proud of Brother, aren't we Booker?


Margo said...

It is so cool when they get to that point. And gives them such a feeling of confidence. Congrats to him for this accomplishment.

Kelly said...

How exciting! I remember this particular moment with Libby and now she is headed to middle school... they grow so fast! ~Kelly

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