07 July 2009

Slug pug

We have been watching my sister Lindsay's dog, Meena Tate (aka Meenie, Meenie Beenie, Meenie Beans, Beenie, Beener, Meenie Beenie Bean Dip) this week while Linds vacations in Puerta Vallarta, and tonight we headed out for a lap around the neighborhood. Meenie quickly grew tired and out of breath--it's hard to breathe out of that smushed up nose--so I put her in the back of Macauley's truck to see if she wanted a ride. She did! That pug loved it!

She rode all the way back to the house and then for several laps around the yard before I finally took her out. I think she would have kept cruising as long as Macauley wanted to...


common ground said...

The tongue is hilarious! I'd probably have to ride in the back with the dog. Great pix.

trash talk said...

She looks like me when Cat Daddy and I are out looking for junk!


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