09 July 2009

Sugar and spice and everything nice

...I could hardly restrain myself shopping for all those things little girls are made of. Macauley and I are headed to Dallas in the morning with this gift for my cousin Ryan and his wife Melissa and the baby girl they are expecting at the end of August (the day before my 33rd birthday in fact). I have all sorts of shopping plans and maps printed out, but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men (and moms of six-year-old boys on a 7+ hour road trip). Macauley is super-excited and packed his Hummer suitcase (a gift from Aunt Deb) with all sorts of superfluous items including 11 pairs of socks. He hasn't worn a pair of socks all summer! We didn't get the baby (who will be named Gray--love that name!) any socks, but we got her some good books to get her started right, diapers and baby wash and powder and lotion, some cute shoes and two sets of the cutest little onesies with cherries and bunnies and other adorable girl motifs and comfy, ruffly pants to wear with them. What more does a girl really need than cute shoes, a nice bath, comfy clothes and some good books? So many of my friends and family are expecting babies right now, and most of them are having boys, but it's so much more fun to shop for girl stuff than boy stuff, I must say. It's always fun to shop for a baby though, isn't it? To Dallas my baby and I go!

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Aunt Karen said...

I hope the shower was great. You must be impressed that I'm checking blogs from Aruba! See Oranjestad on the tracking below..that's me. It's incredibly beautiful here. Monty and Pat, his business partner, have worked the last two days, but Pat's wife Karen and I have sacrificially soaked up beach and sun on their behalf.


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