29 July 2009


Macauley has been camping with Ryan's parents this week, and I have used my solo time to do a little shopping for my booth and making some things. I got lots of colorful goodies that I plan to take over today, but I think I will keep the toile shams I found for now, 4 of them for $1 each.

I put together this magnetic board with the domino magnets and this other metal altered art photo collage, both for the booth.

And I jumped in and started scrapbooking and got these layouts done. I actually had a lot more of Macauley's 5th year completed than I thought I had. I know have all sorts of spreads stacked around everywhere and I need to put them in some actual scrapbooks. Which means a trip to Hobby Lobby today! I need a couple of them and some refill pages.

Ryan and I ran again last night and both thought it was a little harder this time. We did the same route but added the hill from the trail all the way to our front porch. I think tonight we are going to try a cute little restaurant in an old house in Nixa and then run when we get home. Macauley will be back tomorrow afternoon. He's usually okay to help me at the flea market, but I think I'll go ahead and drop off my stuff without him. And at some point, I need to do some actual work on the online classes I teach, but that kind of productivity isn't nearly as much fun.

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