04 July 2009

Free to flea

My parents came up from Arkansas today to celebrate the 4th with us, and my mom and I spent an hour or so at Ozark Treasures before dinner at Fuddruckers (and dessert at Andy's!). We both got little handmade purses, mine this linen one and hers a dark brown felt, I think, with some fall appliques). We decided they were perfect for hitting War Eagle this fall, and I think mine will be the perfect junking bag with just enough room for a cell phone, some Burt's Bees lip balm, my camera and money. I also got a couple more off-white linen pieces, a silver cake server (I decided I've always needed one of those) and a cute pair of floral earrings that feel like fabric and will make cute magnets, I think. My mom and I laughed the whole time we were shopping because the radio playing throughout the place was running the absolute worst 70s music, one terrible song after the next. Not fun 70s...some song about a skunk in the road stinkin' to high heaven??? My mom also bought a cute bowl and a 1920s magazine for her vintage camper. We had fun. I'm so thankful for my independence and for my mom...and for flea markets!


Aunt Karen said...

I often visit some of your favorite blogs from your links. Yesterday, I happened to click on the Daisy Cottage link. She recently visited Savannah and showed a new store that we have not visited called @Home Vintage General. We are in Rincon/Savannah this weekend to visit with Heather & Nathan. Anyway...we went to @Home yesterday. It was a fun store and we purchased many little things. They had a rustic table with pink paint. Not a big fan of pink, but was very tempted by the table and chairs. The Paris Market was closed, which is one of my favorite stores, so @Home helped sooth that disappointment. By the way, my family is addicted to Burt's Bees Lip Balm, so I read that part of your blog to everyone this morning. Happy 4th of July..a day late.

Barntiques said...

I enjoy visiting your blog. I must say that this one really made me smile. My mom has been gone for 21 years. I STILL miss her. I am always happy to hear or see moms with their grown children. Hug her and tell her how special she is to you!


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