14 July 2009

With my own eyes...

After reading about Winnie & Tulula's on a number of blogs, I knew, if I was that close, I had to make the hour or so drive from Dallas to Athens to see it for myself. So worth it! I'll take everything!

One thing I really wanted to put in my car was this little dresser. It would've fit. But no. They also sell lots of beautiful bedding that made me want to re-do my entire bedroom. Maybe someday.

I really wanted to cut over to Malakoff on the way back to Dallas to see more of Curious Goods, but I was afraid I'd be late to the baby shower. Good thing I resisted, because I missed my exit coming back into the city and got completely turned around and flustered and ran about 20 minutes late getting back to the hotel to get ready and cut it close on the shower. Next trip, though, I will...

I spent a lot of time in the back room looking at Robolady's Ruff junk...excellent stuff.
The highlight of the trip to W & T, and one of the main reasons I went, was meeting Deb of Talking Trash and getting to see her space, which she was working on that morning. Cat Daddy sighting in the background...

Debbie was so kind to Macauley and even gave him a little vintage ski boat toy that he played with the rest of our trip. Thanks so much, Debbie, for the gracious welcome and for all the help in getting there.

Debbie had in her space, among many other things (she said what was there was "just the tip of the iceberg"), two of my most loved items: an old camera and an old typewriter.

What I love about the whole shop is that it really seems to be a collaboration of a number of creative and talented women (and some men, maybe) who share a common vision of making beautiful things and celebrating old things with character. I would love to live such an artful life, and I enjoy reading all the blogs of many of the vendors here and getting a peek at junking life in Texas.


The Green Pea said...

Wow, you had a great time, I would love to meet Debbi and CD in person. She is a sweet lady I can tell by reading her blogs. Lucky you and wasn't that sweet she had a little gift for your son? Sandi

trash talk said...

Again, I so enjoyed getting to meet you and Macauley. He just melted my heart when he wanted to come back and play with me on Sunday. He is darling and so well behaved. Good job Mom!
I'm happy to see y'all made it home safely as well.

Jeanne Oliver said...

OH MY GOODNESS...this may be the most beautiful shop I have EVER seen. You are so lucky and cursed to live so close;-)

Debra@CommonGround said...

Your photos of the store are wonderful. Now I am sooooo jealous!
I just have to get down that way someday. Thanks for sharing all the great stuff. I think Debbie is just the CUTEST and would LOVE to meet her.

Margo said...

It is so exciting to see that you stopped by my space, and found some treasures. I'm glad they found a good home. I'm also glad to have found your blog via Ella Elaine. Looks like you had a great road trip.
Thanks for the great tour.


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