15 July 2009

What I got

Wow. It's pretty clear what I like from all of these photos...a common theme can easily be noted. The pillow, light fixture and bedspring holders are from Winnie & Tulula's, as are the vintage flashcards and letter cards.

This framed collage came from the Curious Goods space in Winnie & Tulula's, and I just love it.

The mirror, dominoes, letter tiles, and word cards are from Heirlooms. There were a few other dominoes, but I chose 3 with my favorite number 3 on them and left the others for some other lucky person.

There's the spool of thread from Ella Elaine's space, and one of the complimentary fans she has in her booth. What a sweet and thoughtful idea in the Texas summer heat. I had to have the kitten postcard, and have never seen another one like it. It is dated 1953 and has a little squeaker inside for you to squeeze the card. Adorable.

The biggest thing I found, from the same antique mall as Ella Elaine, was this wire rack. I thought of several places I might use it in my house, but for now, it has ended up in the kitchen and I quickly arranged my Texas finds on it yesterday before our lunch.

You can also see the keys and little plates I found in Atoka, Oklahoma, the numbered teacups I found on clearance at Anthropologie, and a couple of pieces I already had mixed in. At Smitten, I got the little mirror, one of the decopauged letters and a plastic F. What a fun trip. I will look at all these little treasures and remember it.


Jeanneoli said...

Amazing finds! I love the decoupaged letter and the vintage flashcards!!

common ground said...

Hayley, love your haul and the white rack is so cool. All these pictures of the great stores are making my head spin!! You did great!

trash talk said...

I'm crazy for you etagre'! I've never seen one with a little "hoodie" on it.

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Oh I am so drooling over all of your fabulous chippy finds, It is all wonderful, Love this post! Blessings, Janna

Margo said...

I love those numbered teacups. I'm gonna have to find an Anthropologie.
glad you found some things from Ruff that you wanted.
Thanks for stopping by Winnie & Tulula's


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