15 July 2009

But wait, there's more!

Sunday morning, Macauley and I slept in at the hotel then packed up and headed north for home, with a side stop in McKinney, Texas, another recommendation from Debbie from Talking Trash. I'm so glad she told me about this town--we had a great time and spent about 3 hours there. Our dash read 112 degrees, but the shopping was worth braving the heat for.

We had lunch at Spoons, a little restaurant I had read about on the Internet. I had sliders and sweet potato fries (my current perpetual craving) and Macauley had pancakes. Really good.

There were so many cute stores around the square and most were open. This one, called 120, I think, wasn't but we looked in the windows. Some of the stores we just passed by but would have gone in if we had more time.

If the store this shirt was in had been open, I would have gone in and snatched it right up. I just love the look with the lace and the jeans.

Macauley was a good sport pretty much the whole time we were in McKinney, but I did have to bolster his shopping stamina with a haul from this candy store.

We spent a lot of time in two specific stores that will get their own posts, but our last stop of the day was the Antique Company Mall. I could have looked around much longer but we were getting tired and I knew we had to get on the road. I was enchanted by one booth in particular, Ella Elaine, of www.EllaElaine.blogspot.com.

I liked everything in this booth, but what I decided to take home was the big industrial spool of black thread. I just loved McKinney and would love to go back and spend a few days there. I saw several other restaurants I'd like to try and that' some of the best shopping all in one place I've ever encountered. So fun. I wish my mom or sister or one of my junking buddies like Shannon or Barb had been with me to experience it all.


Nancy Elaine said...

I am so delighted you liked my booth. I love your photos. Especially the one of your cute son holding the fan in front of his face. I am glad you picked up a fan and put it to good use in our Texas heat! Thanks for giving my spool of yarn a good home. I wish I could follow every item I sell to it's new landing spot. Sometimes I have a little trouble letting go...(I found your blog through Debbie. )

Shannon said...

omg i wish i was there.. i see so many cute things in the pics!


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