01 July 2009

Drive by

I always cruise by the flea markets in Billings on my way to Arkansas to scope out all the great stuff they have along the sidewalks. Usually the stores are closed when I do this, but I will still hop out of the car for a closer look at a price tag if something catches my eye. I saw this great cubby hutch (on sale--only $92 with tax!) with the tag "Old Store Built-in" last week before we left for Vegas, and fell so head over heels for it that I called the very next day and paid for it over the phone and said I would pick it up early this week. Macauley and I went yesterday in my 4Runner, but that was a no-go. Too big. So we went back in Ryan's truck today and a good Samaritan took pity on the lady from the flea market and me and stopped to help hoist it into the back of the truck. It will go in my dining room as a great display piece. I think I've found a rehab piece on craigslist for $35 to use as a base. I'm going to check that out tomorrow. I found a cool iron gear and a couple of pieces of ironstone super cheap while we were there, and Macauley was such a sport that he got to buy a few fireworks from a stand nearby. Turns out most of them were duds...but not my hutch! It's a winner for sure. Just what I've been looking for...


julie & joe said...

I love those antique stores in Billings! Sometimes I slip up there during my mid-day break if I am working in Marionville.

Christy said...

I have been meaning to got to Billings, I think I will next week! Looks like you had fun in Vegas, Mike and I were there last August, it is a lot of Fun! Happy 4th!Christy


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