21 July 2009

It was about time...

I have so neglected my little flea market booth this summer, but I finally went today and put in some new things and marked almost everything else way down in price. I almost kept this shabby alarm clock for myself.

The black and white theme always carries over to my booth, but I also grouped together a bunch of colorful stuff, all of it 50% off.

Macauley and I cruised through but we didn't bring anything home with us (except for the Hershey's bar that I told him he didn't have enough money for but he thought he did and went up to pay anyway, in a huge line, and was 10 cents short so I had to rush out to the car for the dime I told him I didn't have or want to go get).

I did like the grouping on this chippy green shelf, and I thought the metal stairs would be great somewhere...

I was also inexplicably drawn to this baby doll, and the little cradle...maybe it's all the baby showers I've been going to. I thought the cradle would make a great cat bed for my giant gray kitty Alice Cooper.

We left empty-handed and went to check on our old house only to find that an entire field of grass and weeds had grown up in the flowerbeds alongside the house. I pulled weeds for over an hour, which did nothing for my somewhat cranky mood or the crick in my neck I've had for 3 days now. I am so ready to be able to walk away from that old house with no strings and no responsibility. I really love that little cottage and I wish someone else would start taking care of it so I can just let go. And not pull weeds. Then we did our grocery shopping in a cart with a crazy wheel that kept dragging and made the whole cart roll bumpy. Macauley was already loaded with all the stuffed animals and Blankie strapped in so we didn't trade up. Perhaps the dinner I have planned tonight with my teacher friends Lori and Sarah at Touch will cheer me. If those bacon-wrapped dates don't do the trick, I don't know what will...


trash talk said...

Those white steps are darling. How cute would they be in the bathroom for Macauley to stand on to brush his teeth at the sink?
The dates sound wonderful...what time do I need to be there?

Junk Girl said...

Just found you today! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! GREAT STUFF! Andrea


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