07 July 2009

Texas or bust

Thanks to Debbie at one of my all-time favorite blogs, Talking Trash, for the shout out to all those knowledgeable about Texas shopping for me. As she said, I'll be headed to Dallas via I-44 out of Missouri, through Muskogee (my birthplace, incidentally, and the home of my two living grandparents and several other family members) and on through Texas on 69. I have long envied the Texas shopping from afar by way of the many blogs I read. I will have my little boy with me, but he's usually a pretty good junking sport. I don't know how comfortable I will feel venturing off the beaten path, but if it's worth it, we'll find it! I'm more nervous about driving in Dallas than anything else. I'm thinking I could shop a little on the way down on Friday, a little on the way back north on Sunday, and we'll see where I end up on Monday. Thanks for any info!

The photo is from a fabulous blog I just found and will study for more information: http://curiousgoodsantiques.blogspot.com/


trash talk said...

Curious Goods is in East Texas about an hour from Dallas. If you decide to go that way while in Texas let me know. Winnie and Tulula's is only about 15 min. from there in Athens. East Texas is good hunting grounds.
I don't know the route out of Muskogee at all, but if you will be coming into Texas on Hwy 75, when you get to McKinney on the way to Dallas, exit quickly, go to the downtown area and go crazy!!!

trash talk said...

I forgot to tell you that in Malakoff where Donna and Curious Goods is located there are several shops including The Junk Palace owned by Lily. She has a blog and you can check her out off of mine!


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