05 July 2009

Gotta get that boom-boom-POW

Last year, Macauley wasn't that comfortable around fireworks, except to watch. This year, he was really into it, lighting most of them and going crazy shopping for them. We waited until after dinner to buy ours, and we got 2 bags for $26. Ryan said the guy looked so frazzled by the crowd that he was just punching in numbers on the register until it looked about right.

Our fireworks dimmed in comparison to the ones going on all around us, in our neighborhood and others, but our small-scale blasts made Macauley just as happy. I had to reference the Black Eyed Peas song here because that has become the "song of summer" for Macauley and me. When we are in the car and it comes on, Macauley calls from the backseat, "Rock volume!" Which means to turn the volume up to 42 so we can "rock out."

My parents had to leave really early this morning to get back to Rogers, but I'm glad they got to get away for a bit. I think it had been months since my dad had been able to come to my house.

A good holiday with our little firecracker!


Jeanneoli said...

It sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend! I will have to look into the books you recommended.

trash talk said...

Looks like a fun time for everyone!
I'm working on you a list of stops...hope to have it for you before you head out!

donna baker said...

Hey Hailey, you going on a junkin' trip? I live off of 69 just south of McAlester. You can look in my garage and barn for stuff. I used to do Round Top and still have lots of stuff. Also, if you go on to Tulsa, they have a store in Jenks called River City that has lots and lots of affordable stuff to resale.


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