10 October 2010

Fall welcome

Our front porch is decked out for the fall season, even if the weather here has only teased us with a couple of days of fall temps then returned back to the 80s most days. This year, I scattered pumpkins throughout my front flowerbeds, mixed in with my boxwoods and the white begonias that just recently really bloomed and got exponentially bigger. I had to disguise the little concrete bunny to welcome trick-or-treaters in just a few weeks.

We got some really nice things at the pumpkin patch last weekend, including this blue pumpkin. I found the huge, huge golden mum at Walmart, though, and as Macauley and I rolled it through the store in our cart one day after school last week, so many people commented on it and asked me if I had gotten it there at the store. As if I'd have gotten it somewhere else then carted it through Walmart? Macauley later said, "That was 'awkward,'" putting his hands up in air quotes around the word.

The felt hanging is from TJMaxx, such a steal and totally in line with my love of black and cream (and black kitties!).

I picked up the black crow at Curious Sofa when we were in KC a few weeks ago. They were scattered throughout the store in all sorts of cute ways. Ryan selected this particular one because he has some fluffed feathers on the back side, giving him a little gimp wing.

These were labeled "fairytale" pumpkins at the patch, and you can just imaging Cinderella's little mice attendants scurrying about when the carriage transforms back into its still dreamy everyday form.

By far my favorite thing to spot on my fall front porch, though, is my family visiting. My mom and dad came up this weekend, and Lane was in from KC. Ryan is visiting with my mom and Lindsay here.

Lastly, a night view, with the jack-o-lanterns glowing and the "gas" lamps flickering. I think we're ready for Halloween, and then with just a few changes, these same goodies can carry us right on to Thanksgiving. My fall porch is really just a hop, skip and jump from sweet Debra's. I'm linking up (at the very last minute!) to her party over at Common Ground. Come trick or treat us, Debra!


Polly said...

It looks so festive Hayley! I love that Cinderella pumpkin! and I ADORE your gas lamps!

I love fall!!



Susan S. said...

Looking good at your casa. Too funny about the Walmart story! Love the bunny with the mask. You go girl! Happy Fall Ya'll from Houston, TX


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